All our vehicles are smoke free and fully equipped with the latest features, we can transfer up to 4 persons.
Maximum flexibility on changing plans:Free last minute changes(notification 24h before departure)
Always with you:Continuous customers care
Travelling with us is like having beside you a Greek Insider:Vast knowledge of Greece



1. Pick up from and towards Airport, Ports, Railway and Bus stations

Special emphasis is given to quality service standards, focusing in professionalism and​ ​punctuality. We guarantee a secure pickup and return from and towards any airport, port, railway, urban and intercity bus station.


2. 24/7 Transfers from and towards hotels

Easy and comfort transfer to any hotel 24/7. We can offer an immediate, consistent and responsible transfer from and towards your hotel to any destination in a 24h basis.


3. Transportation of firm officers

Secure and consistence transportation to any meeting anywhere. We can serve all business and firm needs and services upon the secure and consistence transportation of their officers and staff, such as meetings, fairs or any other grand event.


4. Kids transportation

With absolute accuracy and respect, we can take care of the secure transfer of your kids to their school or their daily afterschool activities. Our experience, being always in time and feeling highly responsible for what we do, can guarantee the safe transport of our most valuable customer.


5. Unaccompanied parcels

Our staff can carry with safety, every type of legal unaccompanied parcel.


6. Free WiFi

Free WiFi HotSpot on board will be offered to all of our customers. *The signal strength may vary according the location.


7. Baby seat

Our goal is that all the passengers are transferred safely to their destination. For this reason all cars have the possibility of a baby's seat placement. The customer must inform us before that he wants to make use of this service. The service offer is free of charge.


8. Kid's stroller

A clean, lightweight and easy to use stroller is available for every customer with a child (suitable for up to 36 months old or 20 kilos), service provided upon request, free of charge.

9. Tablets

Τhe vehicles of our company will be equipped with Android Tablet (max 3). This service is free, in order to use this privilege you have to notice us on booking.