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Corinth Canal – Ancient Diolkos

Total estimated excursion time: 1 hour
8 km from Corinth city
77 km from Athens
Isthmus of Corinth

Our first stop will be Corinth canal, which merges the Aegean with the Ionian Sea (20 min stop for photos of the breathtaking view).

Ancient Diolkos

Shortly thereafter we reach the Ancient Diolkos, a paved road that was used for the overland transport of boats on wheeled vehicle from the Saronic to the Corinthian gulf and conversely. The construction of the Diolkos arose from the need for quick passage of ships from the Saronic to the Corinthian gulf and conversely. Explore this construction and take a look of the Canal of the Isthmus from a different angle (20 min stop for photos and exploration).