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Athens Acropolis & Center

Total estimated excursion time: 7 hours
85 km from Corinth city
34 km from Athens Airport

If you’re interested in the fascinating long history of Greece and the everyday living of an Athenian, this is a tour you cannot miss..

Athens Acropolis - Parthenon

The excursion begins with the visit of Acropolis where you will see the Parthenon, the temple on the top of the sacred rock devoted to Goddess Athena (Goddess of wisdom), the Propylae the monumental entrance to the Acropolis hill and the small temple Athena Nike, which stands on a protruding mass of rock, protecting the gate to the citade and of course the Parthenon and Erechtheion with its porch of Maidens (1,5 hours).

Acropolis Museum - Athens

Furthemore you will visit the museum of the Acropolis which was built recently and you will see every object that has been found on the Sacred Rock of the Acropolis (1,5 hours).

Athens Center - Plaka district

Continue with a visit at the district of Plaka-Monastiraki, one of the oldest districts of Athens and one of the oldest bazaars, the famous Giousouroum. Enjoy strolling around this characteristic area, have a coffee at the rooftop cafes with the great view of Acropolis, walk around the bazaar and the cobbled streets.

Monastiraki square
Athens - Ermou Str

Final stop at Syntagma Square, which is the central square of Athens. You can watch the change of the guard at the monument of the Unknown Soldier, the Presidential Guard and the Greek Parliament which is behind the square and go for shopping at the famous Ermou str (approximately 1 hour).

Greek Parlament
Athens Parliament - Change of the guard
A Greek Presidential Guard stands at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in front of the Parliament in Athens