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Total estimated excursion time: 8 hours
253 km from Corinth city
168 km from Athens

Lets ask for a prophesy!

Next destination, the ancient city of Delphi in which operated the most important oracle of the ancient Greek world. The city is referred by the Homeric times called Pytho.

The scenery that you will see until you reach your final destination will delight you.. Green fir-covered slopes compose a landscape that causes tranquility and relaxation. Delphi is known as the "navel of the earth" is the point which was founded and flourished one of the most important religious center of antiquity.

Some of the points of interest:

1) The Castalia Krini: In this sacred fount washed Pythia, the priests and staff of the church.
Athena's Dome
2) The Athena Pronaia Dome: The Dome attracts the gaze and interest of all who look closely at the sanctuary of Athena Pronaia.
Apollo Temple
3) The Temple of Apollo: The most important monument in the archaeological site of Delphi, the Temple of Apollo is dominated in the center, while the interior was decorated with statues and offerings to the god.
Delphi – Site of the Oracle
4) The Sacred Way: Is the path where each time they visited Delphi those who were addressed to the oracle to ask a prophecy so they get priority for oracles of Pythia.
Stadium of Delfi
5) The Ancient Stadium of Delphi and the Ancient Theater: One of the best preserved archaeological sites. The ancient stadium of Delphi is located at the highest point above the sanctuary of Apollo. Here, centuries before thousands of spectators attended sporting events.
In the ancient theater of Delphi in ancient times there were held instrumental music and voice matches as part of Pythian and several other religious celebrations.
Delphi Theater, seen from below
6) The Archaeological Museum of Delphi: It is undoubtedly one of the most important museums in Greece. Here, is presented in the best way the history of the Delphic Sanctuary and the famous Οracle, through a rich collection of sculptures, statues etc.

After the visit to the archaeological sites you can visit the City of Delphi and enjoy local delicacies. After your visit, return to the departure point in your private vehicle.