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Kalavryta – Cave of the Lakes

Total estimated excursion time: 9 hours.
110 km from Corinth city
195 km from Athens

Taking a city break for your next vacation is a wonderful way to slow down and experience more of what nature has to give. Vacations should be relaxing, right?

The route passes through the gorge next to Vouraikos, the river that creates small and big waterfalls

This is a tour that will bring you closer to nature. The first stop of this excursion will be Diakopto. Arriving there, you will have the option to enjoy the beautiful landscape by taking the train that runs on the old rack railway to reach Kalavryta (the driver will wait for you at the terminal). The rack railway is a notched narrow gauge railway line that connects Diakopto with Kalavryta.

Kalavryta - Diakofto railway
Kalavryta - Diakofto railway

It is a work of Charilaos Trikoupis period and inaugurated in 1895. The railroad crosses the Vouraikos gorge, passing a large length of tunnels and bridges, covering a total distance of 22 kilometers. Today it is mainly used for tourist excursions in one of the most beautiful routes in Greece.

Kalavryta is the place where the Greek War of Independence was declared in 1821, in the Monastery of Agia Lavra, and also this is where one of the most horrible holocausts happened, during the Second World War. Kalavryta town is developed as a major winter destination in Greece due to the ski centre.

Monastery of the Grand Cave.


The monastery of Agia Lavra.

There you will have 3 hours to visit Holocaust Monument, Monastery of Agia Lavra, Monastery of Mega Spileo and the Ski Centre.

Kalavryta - Ski center


Kalavryta - Ski center

Second and last stop at the ''Cave of the Lakes'', a rare creation of nature. Apart from its labyrinth of corridors, its mysterious galleries and its strange stalactite formations, the "Cave of the Lakes" has something exclusively unique that does not exist in other well known caves. Inside the cave there is a string of cascading lakes forming three different levels that establish its uniqueness in the world.

The developed part of the cave is currently 500 meters long. The visitor enters the cave through an artificial tunnel which leads directly to the second floor. The dimensions of this part of the cavern create awe. The passage from lake to lake is possible by small man-made bridges. You will have 1,50 to visit the cave.

The cave is an old subterranean river consisting of three levels. During the winter when the snow melts it is transformed into a flowing river with waterfalls. During the summer, it dries up, leaving behind 13 lakes. The Cave was formally known as Troupisio.


According to Greek legend, it was in this cave that Melampus cured the two of the three daughters of Proetus, king of Tiryns, Lysippe and Iphianassa. The third daughter, Iphinoe, had died on the way.