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Estimated excursion time: 7 hours
242 km from Corinth city
157 km from Athens


Next destination?

The magnificent Arachova. The development of the ski center has made it a favorite place for a winter Tour.

Arachova – panoramic view
Arachova – local shops

Arriving in Arachova you will meet the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the main street. Behind the flashy showcase you will discover a city that effectively resists in time and evolution.

The stone village houses with steamy chimneys squeezed through the narrow uphill streets and whole village seems to be hanging on the mountain slopes in a landscape that verging on perfection.

Arachova – village streets
Arachova – winter time

The winter months Parnassus often shrouded in mist and then the lights of Arachova shine more intensely in silver light and the image of the village becomes incredibility.

Parnassos – National park

Υou will have 3 hours to walk around the village with its beautiful alleys, visit the Ski Center but also enjoy a coffee or a meal.


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