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Mystras – Monemvasia

Total estimated excursion time is: 10 hours
138 km from Corinth city
223 km from Athens

Byzantine treasures and a Hidden ‘Fortress Town’ perched on an island in Greece.. This is what this tour is about..


Our first stop is in beautiful Mystras, where you can visit its Byzantine Castle which is geographically located on the southern side of Peloponnese, close to Sparti Town (duration: 2 hours). The Castle is actually an old town surrounded by Byzantine walls and with an imposing palace on top of the hill. Most of all this place is famous for its Byzantine churches with the impressive frescoes inside.

The most famous churches are Agios Demetrios, where Konstantinos Paleologos, the last Byzantine Emperor was crowned, and Agioi Theodoroi with beautiful frescoes.

A hidden ‘Fortress Town’ perched on an island in Greece

Second and last destination is the magnificent Monemvasia.

Monemvasia is an impressive castle town in south eastern Peloponnese. This town was constructed invisible from the mainland to avoid enemy attacks. It can be seen only from the sea and only a narrow pathway connects it to the mainland.

A walk around the paved streets of the castle town is like a trip back in time. Τhe elegant stone mansions and the Byzantine churches, such as the church of Agia Sofia and of Christ Elkomenos are distinguished in the Castle.

Monemvasia – local shops with a great variety of local products


Monemvasia’s narrow streets

You will have 3 hours to visit the castle, walk around the beautiful town with its characteristic shops cozy cafes and restaurants.


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