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Corinth Canal – Saint Patapios – Heraion – Vouliagmeni…

Total estimated excursion time: 6 hours
8 km from Corinth city
77 km from Athens
Isthmus of Corinth

The excursion begins with a stop at the Isthmus of Corinth the famous channel linking the Corinthian with the Saronic gulf. You will have 20 minutes to enjoy the view and take photos of the great scenery.

View from the Monastery of Saint Patapios

Second stop at the Monastery of Saint Patapios, a location with great view on a steep slope in Geraneia mountains, over Loutraki and close to Corinth. You will have 1 hour to admire the beautiful view, the captivating monastery and see the Holy Relic of Saint Patapios.

Ruins of the Hera temple in Heraion of Perachora, Corinthia, Greece

Third stop at the archaeological site Heraion where you shall see the Temple of Hera and the famous Lighthouse of Heraion dominating. You will have 1 hour to admire the beautiful view and the archaeological treasures.

Small Church on the Vouliagmeni Lake

Last stop in the beautiful Lake Vouliagmeni with its crystal blue waters. You will have 1 hour to enjoy your coffee or lunch next to the lake, great time of the day to take commemorative photos.